"Maps helps us immediate understanding of the patterns and relationships the information plays it is the most effective and valuable way to communicate and collaborate. Sharing meaningful information in an understandable format under Open data/Open access policy is cost effective and convenient and it can be utilized for Public good".
Mehdi Bokhari

Geographic information system (GIS) technology unlocks the potential of open data by bringing it into an enlightening spatial context, enabling individuals and government to better understand their world and take informed action.
We believe that geography is at the heart of a more resilient and sustainable future. Creating responsible products and solutions drives our passion for improving quality of life everywhere.
A geographic perspective brings issues into context, engages the public, and improves transparency. Using GIS technology, government and citizens can map datasets and create data layers to compare different factors and their relationships. By sharing the information behind the decision-making process, government can more clearly convey its intentions and empower an informed, constructive public response.