Management Consulting

Capacity building training courses are designed to achieve strategic organizational objectives such as enhanced business processes, competitive performance, information dissemination, and innovation. SKIM training focuses on the management of information and knowledge as a strategic asset and encourages contribution to Open Access/ Open Data initiative for enabling adoption of insight and lessons learned of both individuals and organizations.

  •  Elections and Democracy
  •  Public Health
  •  Public Educational
  •  Infrastructure Planning and Development
  •  Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources
  •  Legal Aid and Law Enforcement
  •  Governance & Management
  •  Market and Money Matters
  •  Public Energy
  •  Public Safety and Emergency Response

We work with you to improve your understanding, awareness, cognizance and recognition of GIS, geospatial data and information and to facilitate the transition from the concept of 'information value chain' to a 'knowledge value chain'. We do this by assisting you integrate geospatial information into perspectives, based on the recognition and interpretation of patterns, trends and relationships formed with other information and experience.

Our approach offers flexible and effective knowledge management services to suit your learning and development needs, timescales and budget. We offer standard courses, Customized training, Network meetings and support that are based on practical exercises or the daily work of course participants, to ensure that the courses become as meaningful to the participants as possible.
ALHASAN capacity building activities are based on three key elements:

  •  Partnership
  •  Organizational development
  •  Civil society strengthening

Our training and capacity building team works with staff; and or communities to improve their understanding and enhance their engagement with industry presence and practices to improve performance, provide key skills, transfer high-value knowledge and support long-term motivation and commitment from the individual through to the entire organisation and institution.